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Our caring team at Colorado Springs Veterinary Surgery and Rehab Center in Colorado Springs, CO, is devoted to your pet’s well-being and offers personalized care with a genuine touch. Our love for animals ensures positive experiences for both pets and owners.

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Dr. Marlin Geist

Dr. Marlin Geist, DVM

Dr. Geist feels it is a great privilege to provide care for you and your pet, combining sincere compassion with the most up-to-date medicine and surgery. He grew up enjoying science but also loved animals and set his sights on being a veterinarian at an early age. Dr. Geist is passionate about a profession where he can provide support and education for people and affection and medical care for animals. He takes great pride in his client sensitivity, consultation, and communication skills. He is excited to offer various surgical services at Colorado Springs Veterinary Surgery and Rehab Center.

Dr. Geist became a veterinarian in 1996 from Washington State University, where he was recognized with a surgical scholarship. After two years in general practice, he began advanced training in orthopedics (bones, joints, etc.) and soft tissue surgery. Specifically, such training included complex fracture repair, master of osteotomy (correcting deformities, birth defects, and surgical complications), arthroscopy, and other surgical techniques. Dr. Geist has also pursued advanced training in soft tissue, abdominal, and emergency surgical techniques. In 2004, he moved to California to practice emergency medicine and founded his own business, providing surgical services to a large, underserved area between San Francisco and Los Angeles. This included general & orthopedic surgery as well as minimally invasive surgery (endoscopy).

Dr. Geist has a special interest in TPLO and other methods of joint repairs, endoscopic surgeries (GI flexible endoscopy, laparoscopy, minimally invasive spay/neuter/gastropexy, etc.), as well as wound healing/plastic surgery. Medically, he enjoys the prevention/management of painful conditions, treatment of cancers, preventive health, and regenerative medicine.

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Dr. Parrent, DVM

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